Friday 28 August 2020

Modern/Creative Resume(Resumes of 21st century)


Along with glowing references, a solid resume is a must-have for any job applicant. A Well written resume is the right way to catch a hiring manager’s eyes.

Want to get yourself noticed?

Your resume is your first chance to grab a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention. If your resume format hasn't been updated in some time, You are at a risk of being not highlighted.

When your resume format looks outdated- it gives a message to the recruiter that you are not very serious as a job applicant rather is a job hopper. Even if it’s been only a few months or years since you last looked for a job, there may be many things on your CV that needs to be upgraded and changed.

Keeping resume format to Limited pages and use Sharp keywords and graphics for better presentation is what today Modern Resume writers prefer. There is a science behind that- An average hr person received around 500+ applications for 1 post and out of these around 20 are called for interview. It is your Resume that makes you stand apart from crowd.

Today, your resume should be all about marketing yourself, which demonstrates the value you can bring to a future employer.

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Happy hunting, job seekers!



Wednesday 13 May 2020

Get ready to fight

Oh my God

Just take a deep breath before you read this and I must say that these are only anticipated or projected scenario or another words you can say are the thumbnail sketches of what may or may not happen- We don't have the power to foresee the future out of a magical crystal ball.


The future May Be Holding lot of surprises but yes we cannot deny this fact that over hundred million Indian jobs will be at risk during and after big covid-19 lock down stage.


starting March 2020 most companies have resorted to one of the three decisions- Sacking People asking employees to go on indefinite leave without pay and clashing salaries by As much as 85%.Emotional and distressing emails about jobs and wage cuts dispatched from the corner rooms of the CEO’s to the Employees This is a situation of big big brands so you yourself can imagine what could be happening with Medium and small Enterprises


It's not like that companies don't want to pay but the bare reality is small Form organizations are not having adequate capital or in simpler word working capital to pay to their staff

Reflection of Same can be sing in Government of India's decision of holding raise in Dearness allowance of Central Government employees


Now coming to the main point life moves on and so we do have to move ahead with the current challenges and converting in it into opportunity


 The basic Mantra is maintaining sound mental and Physical health. I would like to emphasize more on maintaining sound mental health. The kind of situations is not new to the mankind and with time things get normal. Individuals /organizations who can handle the mental stress Accept adaptability can invent opportunities and emerge as a winner.


 Try to add on values, optimum use of Technology and doing just a bit more. Believe me you are and you will be in a better situation


I would like to end up with only one sentence:

Get ready to fight


Tuesday 12 May 2020

Your Resume is your first Impression..

Greetings for the day!
Covid'19 effect in your minds.. Of course it's in the mind of all.Now coming back to life-Life Moves On.. 

We all must be hearing and reading a lot about the Covid'19 pandemic after effects.. Let's get more precise for jobseekers the worrying bout news will be shortage in demand of Jobs Or those who are into jobs may be fearing about losing their jobs... 

Let me be very clear that whatever the circumstances will be- there will be always demand and supply.Just what is required is a bit upgradation and adaptation.. 

So is going to be with the coming times.So my suggestion is to focus on improving and adding your skills and keep you upgraded as per market demand.. 

A well designed professional resume is the pioneer and most important aspect in your selection process with an organization... 

Do Remember your First impression is not the last but can be... 

Don't take a chance with your Resume.. 

All the Best.. 

Friday 18 October 2019

Importance of Visual Resume..

The amount of time a recruiter spends looking at your resume is roughly 5-10 seconds.

For people who are unemployed or underemployed, figuring out how to stand out in the job search is crucial. Despite discovering job openings that fit your experience, you send your resume out to the ether — and feel you're continuously overlooked in favor of someone with equal qualifications. Many job seekers have taken to desperate measures.

Visual Resume is a great way to differentiate yourself from other job candidates, Design in general is increasingly important in the business world."

Companies are always looking for candidates who will go the extra mile, and your resume is literally your first point of contact — your first chance to put yourself in the "yes" bucket. And what recruiters are looking for can mostly be narrowed down to science.
Recruiters spent 80% of their time looking at six data points:


Current title and company

Previous title and company

Current start and end dates

Previous start and end dates


Remember Your Resume is your entry pass. .

All the best. ✌